Archives for January 2011

Frozen Car Locks In Vancouer British Columbia

How to Unfreeze a Frozen Car Lock: When the thermometer dips below freezing temperatures at Mr. Locksmith we receive many calls from customers who are locked out of their cars because the car door lock is frozen.

Rekeying or Changing Locks (House, Condo or Business)

At Mr. Locksmith last night I did several emergency locksmith calls in Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver. One was customers’ purse was stolen at work with all her identification and house keys. The other customer wanted to change their locks because a former spouse still had keys to the house. I receive many telephone calls from […]

Steering Wheel Locks or Clubs Auto Theft Deterrent

Steering Wheel Locks or Clubs Auto Theft Deterrent I have said for years “Crime is Not Random, Don’t be a Victim” At Mr. Prolock Professional Locksmith in Vancouver, Burnaby and the Lower Mainland we remove Steering Wheel locks or Clubs from cars and trucks when the customer has lost their keys. We have the tools […]

Christmas Day Dinner Lockout with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

We at Mr. Locksmith were very busy during the Christmas Holidays repairing Break-Ins (B&E) opening cars, rekeying house and condos (Broken Heart Rekeys) and people locked out of their homes or businesses for various reasons. I Terry Whin-Yates (3rd Generation Locksmith) started helping my Dad (Brian Whin-Yates) over 40 years ago in the family locksmith […]

My Cat Locked Me Out Again

People get locked out of their houses or vehicles for all sorts of reasons. A purse can get stolen or lost, the lock can jam or you might forget your keys in the house. In the winter, a lock can freeze. Mr. Locksmith Emergency Service is opening doors for people 24 hours a day, 7 […]