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3 Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Home’s Garage

Just like any other component of your home, you expect your garage to operate safely and securely. Luckily, you can improve the safety of your home’s garage through: checking deadbolts and locks, installing motion sensor lights and covering windows. Below are 3 ways to improve the safety of your home’s garage: Checking Deadbolts and Locks […]

3 Things to Consider in Choosing a Reliable Security Monitoring Company

Having a hard time choosing a reliable security monitoring company? There are important things to consider when choosing a reliable home security monitoring company, including: credentials, services and recommendations. Below are 3 things to consider in choosing a reliable security monitoring company: Credentials Think of the process like you are interviewing candidates for a job. […]

3 Important Things to Prevent Car Break-ins

In this short post we’ll discuss 3 important things to remember to prevent car break-in, including: alarms, hidden switches and keeping things out of sight. Alarms Car alarms are not the point here. What I recommend is that you have a little blinking light that’s highly visible on your dashboard somewhere. Anytime we saw a […]

3 Creative Ways on Hiding Spare Keys

Want to know some better ideas where to hide your keys? Check out these 3 creative ways on hiding spare keys, such as: inside a tree, on a pill bottle and on a wire. Inside a Tree Is there a tree on your property? Then you’ve got a perfect key hiding place. Simply cut out […]

3 Important Things To Consider Before Hiring a Locksmith

Thinking about how you can find the best locksmith that can satisfy you with the service that you need? If so, you will want to consider these 3 important things you must know before hiring a locksmith. Reputable Not all contractors operate within the law. Here are some tip-offs to potential rip-offs. A less than […]

3 Things You Should Teach Your Kids about Home Security

Setting security and safety expectations with your children should start at a young age and should be reinforced through direct communication and lifestyle observations. Here are 3 important things you should teach your kids about home security. Security Alarm Basics If your home isn’t already equipped with a home security alarm system, it’s advised that you get one as soon […]