3 Creative Ways on Hiding Spare Keys

Want to know some better ideas where to hide your keys? Check out these 3 creative ways on hiding spare keys, such as: inside a tree, on a pill bottle and on a wire.

Spare Keys

Image Source: Flickr

Inside a Tree

Is there a tree on your property? Then you’ve got a perfect key hiding place. Simply cut out a square chunk from the bark that’s large enough to cover your key. Then trim a bit off the back of the “chunk” so there’s enough space to leave your key in the hollow. Replace the bark chunk, and enjoy your perfectly camouflaged key. Consider marking the location of the hollow with something like an old nail so that it isn’t too camouflaged and is easy to find. Source: Brightnest

On a Pill Bottle

If you are looking for a way to hide a key outside, a pill bottle makes a great weather-proof container. With a rock to disguise the top, you can tuck it into a rock garden or partially bury it to hide its location. Once you hide-a-key it’s ready to use, either dig a hole just deep enough to put the pill bottle in, In this case, tucking it into an area of our rock garden worked well too. NOTE: Just remember to find a place where people won’t see you retrieve your key. Source: ThriftyFun

On a Wire

In addition to being fast, a burglar must be stealthy. Cracking open a key vault can be done quickly and quietly but is nearly impossible when retrieving a potential spare from within a wind chime. Replace the original knocker with a ring of house keys (all but one of which should be dummies). Robbers will either have to waste time carefully removing the key ring or risk waking the neighbors with the clatter of chimes. Of course, hanging multiple chimes with multiple keyrings only multiplies the effect. Source: Gizmodo

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