3 Tips to Improve Business Security

Inadequate security measures could severely damage your business and even jeopardize its very existence. Fortunately, this post will help by discussing some tips to improve business security, including: security awareness training, policy management and barriers.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Below are 3 tips to improve business security:

Security Awareness Training

This is the softest tip of the five, but many will argue it’s likely the most important. It’s a continuous process, educating and training your staff to the various threats, and yet it’s often the one that we all fall short. We either assume they know better, or don’t want to be the bad guy wasting people’s time with canned information we ourselves don’t fully understand.
We have to continue talking about security, and ensure everyone understands what a threat looks like and how it might impact your business. Trust me, every one of your employees has a vested interest in the business not getting hacked. It can lead to loss of revenue, negative impacts to the brand, and in the worst case, force your business into bankruptcy. Don’t be afraid to share that burden with your staff. Source: PerezBox

Policy Management

Establishing security polices — and then managing them — ensures that employees are complying with those polices. These include changing passwords regularly, limiting admin control/access on computers and making sure patches and updates get installed. Source: SmallBusinessComputing


You can’t wish the problem away! Barriers include hardware, such as exit alarms, cameras, safes etc. as well as time clocks, money bags and a better communication plan. Barriers are installed to prevent loss not inhibit operations. Source: Flying Locksmiths

Taking action now to shore up your business security will increase your protection for the future.  For more information, contact us now!

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