August Smart Lock Review | Mr. ProLock Blog

August Smart Lock Review | Mr. ProLock Blog

August Smart Lock is one the new generation Bluetooth enabled locks. It is a cylinder like device that you install on the inside of your door. It only replaces your deadbolt thumb-turn and hence you do not need to remove your existing lock. Priced between $250 – $300, you can find it at your local electronics store. It is super easy to install and takes about 5 minutes to install. After that you need to calibrate the device through your mobile app. Now you have a Bluetooth controlled motorised deadbolt that can remotely lock and unlock you’re your door at the press of a button.

August Smart Locks did fix an earlier critical security flaw that potentially allowed an intruder to use a mobile app to find an August lock, (based on an identification number that Bluetooth devices often broadcast wirelessly) and then open the lock.

The main problem with August Smart Lock is that it controls only your deadbolt and not any other lock. If your door is fitted with a lock for your doorknob as well, this $300 Smart Lock will be worthless.

Secondly, the app and deadbolt can give a false locked or unlocked reading. Even if your deadbolt doesn’t slide into your lock, it would report back that the door was successfully locked, even when it most definitely was not. And many a times it reported back that the door was unlocked when the bolt has withdrawn only halfway. Needless to say, that’s unforgivable.

Most if not all Electronic Deadbolts sold in Hardware Stores and now Electronic stores have minor to major security flaws. Unless you want the Home Automation feature of remote or keyless entry I cannot recommend the August Smart Lock.

Conclusion: It is not recommended for anyone who is serious about their home security. If you are willing to live with a Bluetooth controlled deadbolt as your only security stay tuned for other electronic deadbolt locks I can recommend for you. Here is my video review of the August Smart Lock.

Keep an eye on this space for more reviews coming soon and the one lock electronic that I may install on my house! (with modifications).

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock