Why Key Copies or Key Duplicates of copies eventually will not work

Mr. Locksmith Video “Why Key Copies or Key Duplicates of copies eventually will not work. Sometimes when a locksmith tires to duplicate a key that is not the original key the key copy may not work. This is usually because the key is a copy of a copy of a copy… The Mr. Locksmith video […]

Antique Chinese Password Padlock (Mr. Locksmith)

Antique Chinese Password Padlock. Mr. Locksmith is a BC Licensed Locksmith Company (B4227) and is a 24 Hr. Emergency Mobile locksmith specializing in lock rekeys, lock outs, and are experts in picking locks.

How to Rekey a Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt by Mr. Locksmith

How to Rekey a Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt by Mr. Locksmith in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Terry Whin-Yates 3rd Generation Locksmith.

Locked Out? Plug Spinner: Vital Locksmith Tool for the Lock Picking Kit

A vital tool for Professional Locksmiths is a plug spinner or lock flipper. A plug spinner is used can if a cylinder is picked in the wrong direction, or if picking requires the plug to be rotated in one direction and then flipped. Sometimes the lock because of wear or manufacturing it will be be easier to pick in one direction. The plug spinner will spin the plug when picked and move the lower pins across shear line without having any drivers drop into lower chambers.

Weiser Smart Key “Professional Lock Picking” Contest Refuses Terry Whin-Yates to pick locks.

Weiser Spokesperson refusing me to use my own pick set to open a Weiser Smart Key Deadbolt during the Weiser PNE Prize Home “Professional Picking Contest.”

Note: Only amateurs allowed or a Professional Locksmith event?

*Peterson Lock Picking Tools and Terry Whin-Yates Banned from future Weiser “Professional Picking Contest ” Events?

Professional Lock Picking Contest PNE Prize Home

Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith Professional Locksmiths and Locksmith College will be at the PNE Prize Home attempting to pick open the Weiser Smart Lock. Weiser Lock is sponsoring a “Professional Lock Picking Contest” and Terry and a few others have received an invitation to attend the Lock Picking contest. The Professional Lock Picking Contest […]

Weiser Smart Key Rekey

A very popular lock I am seeing at Mr. Locksmith is the Wesier Smart Key lock. The Key in Knob, Pin Pad Combination lock and Single Cylinder Deadbolt is available at most hardware stores and the customer can rekey the lock themselves. Note: I do not recommend this lock because of a major security weakness. […]