‘Your children could have died’: Vancouver officer scolds woman for leaving kids in hot car

Always call 911 if you see a pet or person in a locked hot car alone, even if you don’t think it’s hot.    Posted by Manninder Bains on Thursday, July 6, 2017   Posted by Manninder Bains on Thursday, July 6, 2017   A mother scolded by a police sergeant for leaving her two […]

Happy 150th Birthday Canada | Mr. Prolock

Happy 150th Birthday Canada | Mr. Locksmith Delta www.mrlocksmith.com On Saturday, July 1, 2017, it will be the sesquicentennial of Canada becoming a country, which occurred on July 1, 1867. On that day 3 British colonies – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Canada – were united into the Dominion of Canada. At the same time, […]

Forbes: “This Popular Fire Safe Can Be Opened In About One Second”

Forbes: “This Popular Fire Safe Can Be Opened In About One Second” For further info to to Forbes.com Marc Tobias and Terry Whin-Yates open a locked Sentry Fire Safe in seconds with a Rare Earth Magnet. No sign of entry of damage. This is a Sentry Fire Safe and not a Burglary safe.     For […]

Abus “Rock” Padlock | Mr. Locksmith Blog

Abus “Rock” Padlock | Mr. Locksmith Blog For further information go to Mr. Locksmith. A massive beast of a padlock, ABUS Rock padlock is also re-keyable to your existing house or business key and upgradable to include most High Security Pick / Drill Resistant locks and Restricted Keys. – Super heavy-duty chrome plated, hardened steel lock […]

Mr. Locksmith Voted Best Locksmith in Vancouver

Got a list of things you need to fix, change, upgrade? But don’t know where to start, or how to sort the experts from the charlatans? We’ve done the dirty work for you. We looked far and wide, asked customers and competitors, and tried out many of these enterprises ourselves. Here’s the inside track to […]

Top 10 Security Tips for Home During Holidays | Mr. Prolock™ Blog

Top 10 Security Tips for Home During Holidays | Mr. Prolock™ Blog For further info go to Mr. Prolock™. Hi, I’m Terry Whin-Yates from Mr.Mr. Prolock™. I have the Top 10 security tips to secure your home during the holiday season. 1- Lock Your Doors 2- Lights, leave the TV on 3- Mail 4- Newspapers/Flyers, etc. […]

3 Types of Locks that Will Help Increase Your Home’s Security

Considering the many options that are available, choosing the right type of lock for your home can be confusing. Luckily, we’ll share 3 types of locks that will help increase your home’s security, such as: grade 1 deadbolt, iTouchless fingerprint deadbolt and swing lock. Grade 1 Deadbolt Use high quality Grade-1 or Grade-2 locks on […]

3 Benefits of Home Security Systems

Home security systems can provide a variety of benefits, including: protecting your valuables, increasing your home’s resale value and providing you with peace of mind. Below is more information on these 3 benefits of home security systems: Protect Valuables This is, of course, the benefit most people immediately think of. We likely all know someone […]

3 Reasons Your Family Needs a Wireless Home Security System

There are number of reasons your family might need a wireless home security system. This article will cover 3 of those reasons, including: keeping your family safer, minimizing break-ins and knowing what’s happening when you’re not there. Keeping your Family Safer Alarm.com systems use a secure cellular connection that is fast and reliable, enabling real-time […]

4 Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping for a Home Security System

Purchasing home security system can be confusing with variety of options to choose from. But before you make a choice, here are some questions to ask yourself while shopping for a home security system. Below are 4 questions to ask yourself when shopping for a home security system: What type of equipment do I need? […]