‘Your children could have died’: Vancouver officer scolds woman for leaving kids in hot car

Always call 911 if you see a pet or person in a locked hot car alone, even if you don’t think it’s hot.    Posted by Manninder Bains on Thursday, July 6, 2017   Posted by Manninder Bains on Thursday, July 6, 2017   A mother scolded by a police sergeant for leaving her two […]

Happy 150th Birthday Canada | Mr. Prolock

Happy 150th Birthday Canada | Mr. Locksmith Delta www.mrlocksmith.com On Saturday, July 1, 2017, it will be the sesquicentennial of Canada becoming a country, which occurred on July 1, 1867. On that day 3 British colonies – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Canada – were united into the Dominion of Canada. At the same time, […]

Forbes: “This Popular Fire Safe Can Be Opened In About One Second”

Forbes: “This Popular Fire Safe Can Be Opened In About One Second” For further info to to Forbes.com Marc Tobias and Terry Whin-Yates open a locked Sentry Fire Safe in seconds with a Rare Earth Magnet. No sign of entry of damage. This is a Sentry Fire Safe and not a Burglary safe.     For […]

Abus “Rock” Padlock | Mr. Locksmith Blog

Abus “Rock” Padlock | Mr. Locksmith Blog For further information go to Mr. Locksmith. A massive beast of a padlock, ABUS Rock padlock is also re-keyable to your existing house or business key and upgradable to include most High Security Pick / Drill Resistant locks and Restricted Keys. – Super heavy-duty chrome plated, hardened steel lock […]

Mr. Locksmith Voted Best Locksmith in Vancouver

Got a list of things you need to fix, change, upgrade? But don’t know where to start, or how to sort the experts from the charlatans? We’ve done the dirty work for you. We looked far and wide, asked customers and competitors, and tried out many of these enterprises ourselves. Here’s the inside track to […]

3 Creative Ways on Hiding Spare Keys

Want to know some better ideas where to hide your keys? Check out these 3 creative ways on hiding spare keys, such as: inside a tree, on a pill bottle and on a wire. Inside a Tree Is there a tree on your property? Then you’ve got a perfect key hiding place. Simply cut out […]

How to Prevent the Summertime Break-In

How to Prevent the Summertime Break-In In recent years Vancouver has earned the title of ‘Canada’s most dangerous city.’ Yet in Canada, violence is not typically associated with home invasions. Despite this, the threat of home invasion is very real and very scary. During the summer months, Locksmiths see an exponential rise in crime. Criminal […]

How to Rekey a Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt by Mr. Locksmith

How to Rekey a Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt by Mr. Locksmith in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Terry Whin-Yates 3rd Generation Locksmith.

Don’t be a Victim of a Burglary During the Holidays

In this blog Mr. Locksmith discusses some of the increased security risks associated with the holiday season, and provides valuable security warnings and helpful hints into season-specific theft prevention.

The Emperior has No Clothes or Weiser / Kwikset Smart Key Lock has a Security Flaw

Last night I was called to an apartment building in Burnaby to open a door for the condo owner who was locked out. Stu, the condo owner showed me his Drivers License to prove he lived there and when I observed his door had a Weiser Kwikset Smart Key lock. I told him about the […]