3 Security Tips to Remember Before You Rent

Moving to a new apartment can be very exciting. However, there are things you should consider before the big step, so here are 3 security tips that you should remember before you rent.

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Research Your Local Crime Statistics

It is fairly easy to check your local crime data in any given vicinity. Make sure you know about any sketchy activities that have happened in your area before you commit to signing a lease. Consider talking to the local police and your future landlord or neighbors in order to get a genuine idea of what it is like living in that particular area. You can also check out if there is any type of neighborhood watch. Sometimes in apartments, the apartment buildings will come together to form a watch program within the rental community. If you feel like a home security system is necessary, it is never a bad investment. The Copper package from Protect America is perfect for small homes and apartments. You can also take it with you anywhere. Source: ProtectAmerica

Examine All Entry Points

With doors, there are a few things you’ll want to check:
Deadbolts: If your door doesn’t have one, and your apartment manager won’t provide one, check to see if you can install one yourself.
Hinges: If your door hinges are on the outside of your apartment, a thief could take aim at those.
Strike Plates: Take a look at the strike plate on your door locks. This is the metal plate on your door frame.
With windows, you especially want to be careful when you live on the first floor of a building. Obviously, you want to make sure all of your windows lock, but beyond that, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
Install a device like Doberman on your windows. It’s an alarm that sounds off if your windows are broken. You keep it turned on, and it detects any huge vibrations. It has an adhesive backing so it’s ideal for a rental. Bonus: the adhesive is also a security sticker, which can be surprisingly effective in deterring thieves.
Don’t make it easy for thieves to hide themselves near your windows. Avoid any tall plants or shrubbery near your windows, if you can help it.
Use a rod on the tracks of a sliding window or sliding glass door. Source: LifeHacker

Change Your Locks

Replacing your locks reduces the risk of unwanted persons being able to access your new place. Many landlords say they’ve replaced the locks, but sometimes apartment managers will just rotate the old locks between apartments, and extra keys are not always returned. When you move into new housing, you never know how many keys have gone missing or how many previous tenants may still have keys. Ask your landlord about having your locks replaced with brand new locks, not redistributed old ones. Don’t risk somebody being able to return to your apartment with an old key. Source: SafeWise

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