Taking the Next Steps

How to become a Mr. Prolock Licensee

Whether you’re a prospective investor, or a licensed contractor or technician, becoming a Mr. Prolock licensee just might be the successful business move you’ve been looking for. To find out if you qualify, and to gain in-depth information on what this investment entails, the first step you need to make is filling out a form to request information.

Discuss your questions and goals directly with President and CEO, Terry Whin-Yates. He’s prepared to help get your Mr. Prolock business off the ground, 100% of the way; from answering your initial questions and helping you determine whether Mr. Prolock is a sound investment for you to discussing a perfect location for your new business.

Decide if this is the right investment for you. As exciting as it can be to think of jumping into your own locksmith business, please take the time to evaluate this decision and make sure it’s a mutual fit.

Get ready for opening! After you’ve become a Mr. Prolock licensee, you’ll get your first week of comprehensive training held at our headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. In this week you’ll get training from our experts on how to utilize our systems and process. This includes training on technology, systems, finances, marketing, goal-setting, and more.

Prepared to start your own Mr. Prolock business? Find out if you qualify by filling out the form below!