Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services

With the wide range of security solutions available in the market for both large and small businesses, we at Mr. Prolock have made it our endeavor to ensure that we provide the most comprehensive and complete array of commercial locksmith services suitable to your business. In as much as you care for your business growth, Mr. Prolock Locksmithing and security services care for your business security. As we all know, business premises experience more human traffic than residential premises, which means that businesses will definitely require more advanced security systems. Contact Mr. Prolock to find out about the different products they have to offer to guarantee maximum security for your business premises. There are two commercial locksmith services that Mr. Prolock offers and these are:

  • Lock Repair
  • Security Locks

Installation and Repair of Locks

You will find that our expert services will be required in business premises due to the high amount of traffic which leads to wear and tear meaning that your locks will either require replacement or repair. Our technicians will be on hand to advice you on whether you need to upgrade your locks at the point of repair or the current ones can suffice. So if you are looking for 24hr professional services and at the right prices, make sure you contact our team at Mr. Prolock.

Reliable Security Locks

Depending on the type of access you have for your business, our technicians can advice you on the type of security locks you will require. There are certain areas for example that you will not want your members of staff accessing, meaning that you will require increased safety measures and more secure locks. Mr. Prolock offers the best advice you will get in the locksmith industry offering all the necessary measures and guidance for your business premises security.

Services and Products

  • High Security Locks and Cylinders – Our experience and knowledge tell us that most corporate theft is usually an inside job, meaning that a member of staff is involved. This means that they have somehow duplicated your key. Using high security locks guarantees that your key cannot be duplicated and that you alone can duplicate the key if need be.
  • Alarm systems – Our services have extended from locks to alarm systems ensuring all round security services.
  • Wrap around plates, full length security plates and high grade door guards and deadbolt guards.
  • Master Keys – As the business owner, a master key will give you access to all areas of the business.
  • Shatterproof window film – A necessity for all business.

In order to establish how secure your business premises is, our team of experts are available to offer and run a security profile on your business establishing your weak and strong points as well as to give their expert recommendations.

Other commercial grade hardware that we offer includes the following:

  • Master key systems
  • Door closing systems
  • High grade panic hardware with lock and passage sets
  • Automatic Operating systems (Handicap friendly)
  • Von Duprin panic hardware
  • Access control systems
  • All range of products by Yale, Sargent and Adams Rite