Police Locksmith Training

For qualified organizations, Police Locksmith Training teaches skills and methods necessary to perform ethical, safe and repeatable covert entries.

We provide hands on training focusing on target lock, casing, operational planning, team entry and contingency planning. The objective of this course is to provide Government Agents, Officers and Law Enforcement with effective methods necessary to perform fast, safe, repeatable covert entries.

Key Topics

  • Lock Recognition
  • Strengths & Weaknesses of All Kinds of Security Locking Systems
  • Key Identification
  • Neutralize a Lock
    • Lock Bypass Tools and Techniques
    • Impressioning of Keys
    • Picking a Lock
    • Bumping a Lock Cylinder
  • Forensics of Cylinders
  • Make Keys by Casting
  • Code Key Cutting
  • Security Systems
  • Master Key Systems with Reverse Engineering
  • Surveillance Equipment – Type, Selection and Operation
  • Planning Covert Entry
  • Remote Offensive Vulnerability Assessment and Casing
  • Team building & operational deployment

Tuition Fees

Police Locksmithing Tuition: $2999.00


To  be anounced