3 Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Home’s Garage

Just like any other component of your home, you expect your garage to operate safely and securely. Luckily, you can improve the safety of your home’s garage through: checking deadbolts and locks, installing motion sensor lights and covering windows.

Garage Doors

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Below are 3 ways to improve the safety of your home’s garage:

Checking Deadbolts and Locks

Take a look at the deadbolts on your home’s exterior doors. If any are old or not fully functional, install new deadbolts. If you’ve just moved into your home, or you’ve lived in your house for years and given out keys you can’t account for, it’s a good idea to replace the locks on your doors. You may want to consider upgrading to electronic door locks.

When you’re checking deadbolts and locks, don’t overlook the door that leads from the garage into your home. Sheds and other outbuildings should be secured with a heavy duty padlock. Source: Safewise

Installing Motion Sensor Lights

Homeowners often overlook garage lighting as an important feature. Why should your garage be well lit? With all the chemicals, tools, paints, sports equipment, and other items stored in the garage, garages become a tricky place to navigate. By having adequate lighting, you could prevent a family member from tripping and falling, knocking over a tool or chemical, or running into an object.

When you install lighting, make sure it is bright enough, and covers all areas of the garage interior. Also make sure light switches are easy to get to, and located near the entrance to your house, and near the garage doors. Source: Alarmrelay

Covering Windows

To prevent burglars from “casing the joint,” cover glass so they can’t “window shop.” Use curtains, shades or blinds. Or apply a translucent film to the glass that obscures vision but still lets in light. Plastic film like this is available in several patterns from the window covering department of home centers as well as at full-service hardware stores and window covering retailers. It’s also available online (search for “privacy window film”). Installation is simple. Follow the instructions included with the film you purchase. Source: Familyhandyman

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