Keyless Door Locks

Keyless Door Locks

Here at Mr.Prolock, we can give you the detailed explanation as to what keyless locks are. We will also make you understand the features and the uses of such locking mechanisms. After we have gone through the discussion and explanation regarding keyless locks, you will be enlightened enough to recognized their uses. You will also know for sure if your home or business establishment requires keyless lock systems.

The most important advantage of having keyless locks in your property is that it effectively eliminates the need to carry a heavy bunch of keys anywhere you may have to be. Usually, most people carry too many keys around, most of which are of no use. To effectively avoid such hassles, keyless locks should be installed in your premises.

Another benefit is that there are no keys to lose. Also, there is no need to have copies of keys for everyone in the household or for every member of staff to gain access into the property.

With electronic keyless systems you can gain these advantages and you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe without the need to carry a key or keys around.

Installation of keyless locking systems is easy and there is no need to make any kind of modification to your door. The keyless locking systems lets you change, add and delete user codes, a task that takes less than a minute to complete.

Other Benefits and Features of Using the Keyless Locking System are:

Convenient entry to the premises – without the need for a key, you can conveniently open your door without having to rummage through your pocket or bag.

Customizable so that you can easily modify the system based of your needs – this means that you have the ability to adjust your locks and personalize the system.

Your transition to the keyless locking system only takes 30 minutes, meaning that this is all the time you will need to say goodbye to those heavy keys.

Our keyless door locks are highly affordable and easily re-programmable, which means that you can activate, deactivate and you can even change your password every now and then. Having such liberty can be very helpful because you will surely want to be able to personalize your locking system.

For homes, keyless locks mean anyone from the household has access to the door and the house even when there is no one else to help. For businesses, you can actually provide your employees with the password so that anyone of them can gain entry.