Safes Locksmith

Safes Locksmith

Many of us own something that is precious to us in one way or another. We strive to keep our precious things as safe as possible. Safety, in this regard, will be in terms of theft or any disasters that may occur, may they be natural or man-made. Owning a good quality safe can provide the amount of safety you require for your precious items. A good quality safe for your home or business premises will provide safety from theft for all your valuable documents and items while sheltering them from any natural or man-made occurrences. When it comes to safes, Mr. Prolock offers you a top of the line safe when it comes to safe products and safe opening and restoration services when it comes to safe services.

The Safe Product

This top of the line product is something you will regret not having procured for your home or business premises. This is an Underwriter Laboratories approved product that is considered the first fire rated burglary proof safe. This safe is guaranteed to meet your security, size and fire requirements. Our safe technicians will advise you on the type of safe you require based on a detailed review of your security requirements.

Sentry Safe Lockout Opened with a Tubular Lock Pick| Mr. Pro Locksmith Burnaby Capitol Hill Area

Sentry Safe Lockout Opened with a Tubular Lock Pick| Mr. Pro Locksmith Burnaby Capitol Hill Area


The Safe Services

Mr. Prolock locksmithing and security systems also offer a variety of safe services. Our technicians have years of experience and will offer you the non-destructive opening of your locks and safes. These services include the manipulation of combination locks and the picking of key locks. You should contact experts in the event that you;

Lost Your Safe Keys?

Mr. Prolock will come to your aid in the event that you have misplaced our safe key or worse still, you have broken the safe key. Safe unlocking is our expertise and if you have lost the key to your safe or if you need a safecracker, all you need to do is get in touch with Mr. Prolock and we shall come to your rescue.

Need New Safe Locks

Having been in the business for some time now, we have the capacity of providing you with new safe locks and even new safes dependent on what your budget is. Feel free to give us a call and experience the Mr. Prolock expertise in safes.

Need to Change Combination on Safe Lock

For one reason or another, you may have decided to change the combination of your safe lock. Whether you have a mechanical safe combination lock or an electronic safe combination lock, you can trust the safe technicians at Mr. Prolock’s to ensure that you combination lock is up to date and changed frequently for safety purposes.

So, if you are making any of the following statements; “lost the key to my safe”, “lost the code to my safe”, “can’t open my safe”, “lost combination to my safe”, there is no need to sweat yourself. All you need to do is contact call Mr. Prolock and get the best safe cracking services available.