Mr. Prolock Locksmiths will not support legislation to open homes during the 2010 Winter Games

The British Columbia government has introduced legislation that would empower Richmond, Vancouver and Whistler, for the months of February and March in 2010, to act swiftly to remove graffiti or signs that contravene their bylaws.

The act empowers authorities in Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler to enter homes and remove or cover up “unauthorized” signs during the Winter Games.

I will not open any house or apartment because a city bylaw officer or an Olympic official wants a sign removed. We have a CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS “ 8. Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.” We are not a police state and the Miscellaneous Statutes and Amendment Act will add to B.C.’s undeserved growing reputation as a police state.

In my opinion, locksmiths are professionals and should not tarnish our image by becoming involved in political legislation that do nothing to reduce the highest Break and Enters in Canada, if not North American, and our ongoing gang killings.

In conclusion, I will not pick open any home to help some bureaucrat have a harmless sign removed.