3 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe during a Power Outage

Preparing for unexpected power outages is important. Keeping candles and flashlights is important for home security, as the darkness provides cover for burglars and other unexpected risks. Here are 3 tips to keep your home safe during a power outage. Plan for the Outage When it comes to outages, planning is absolutely crucial. You need […]

3 Tips to Improve Business Security

Inadequate security measures could severely damage your business and even jeopardize its very existence. Fortunately, this post will help by discussing some tips to improve business security, including: security awareness training, policy management and barriers. Below are 3 tips to improve business security: Security Awareness Training This is the softest tip of the five, but […]

3 Types of Locks that Will Help Increase Your Home’s Security

Considering the many options that are available, choosing the right type of lock for your home can be confusing. Luckily, we’ll share 3 types of locks that will help increase your home’s security, such as: grade 1 deadbolt, iTouchless fingerprint deadbolt and swing lock. Grade 1 Deadbolt Use high quality Grade-1 or Grade-2 locks on […]

3 Benefits of Home Security Systems

Home security systems can provide a variety of benefits, including: protecting your valuables, increasing your home’s resale value and providing you with peace of mind. Below is more information on these 3 benefits of home security systems: Protect Valuables This is, of course, the benefit most people immediately think of. We likely all know someone […]

3 Reasons Your Family Needs a Wireless Home Security System

There are number of reasons your family might need a wireless home security system. This article will cover 3 of those reasons, including: keeping your family safer, minimizing break-ins and knowing what’s happening when you’re not there. Keeping your Family Safer Alarm.com systems use a secure cellular connection that is fast and reliable, enabling real-time […]

4 Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping for a Home Security System

Purchasing home security system can be confusing with variety of options to choose from. But before you make a choice, here are some questions to ask yourself while shopping for a home security system. Below are 4 questions to ask yourself when shopping for a home security system: What type of equipment do I need? […]

3 Home Security Tips to Remember

Worrying about the safety of your home? In this short post will discuss some home security tips to remember, including: securing doors, securing windows, and appearing like your home. Below are 3 home security tips to remember: Securing Doors To help burglar-proof your home, install 1-inch throw deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. A door […]

3 Helpful Tips When You’re Locked Out of Your House

These short post will cover some helpful tips when you’re locked out of your house, including: finding an open window, taking off the door knob and calling a locksmith. Below are 3 helpful tips when you’re locked out of your house: Finding an Open Window Find an open window that you might be able to […]

3 Extras Home Alarm Monitoring Will Give You in Addition to Security

Home alarm monitoring can offer a wide variety of benefits when it comes to security. However, it could also offer some extra benefits in addition to security, such as: fire monitoring, internet and phone usage, and entry tracking. Below are 3 extras home alarm monitoring will give you in addition to security: Fire Monitoring Round-the-clock […]

Top 3 Places to Install Security Cameras

Thinking about installing security cameras? If so, you will want to consider these top 3 places to install security cameras, including: front door, back door and first-floor window. Below are top 3 places to install security cameras: Front Door About 33 percent of intruders enter a home through the front door. Hollow doors are exceptionally easy to […]