Hands-on Locksmith Training Langley| Mr. Locksmith™

Hands-on Locksmith Training | Mr. Locksmith™ Upcoming Classes in LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA April 11-14, 2022 (Monday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm) email: [email protected] May 02-05, 2022 (Monday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm) email: [email protected] TBA (Monday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm)                     email: [email protected] For further info go to Mr. Locksmith Training or […]

How to Open a Frozen Car Door | Mr. Prolock™

How to Open a Frozen Car Door: The most common cause of the locks being frozen if people have washed their car so that the whole door’s frozen. The easiest, quickest way is you get some windshield lock de-icer or this is windshield and window de-icer. You can make your own. Basically, it is isopropyl alcohol […]

Locksmith Tools EDC Review | Mr. Prolock™

Locksmith Tools EDC Review : This is my Locksmith Tools for my “Every Day Carry” (EDC). I mostly do Emergency Locksmith Service that includes Lock Out of House, Malfunctioning locks, “Wellness Checks,” lock changes, repairing Break-ins, rekey locks, etc. I have additional tool kits for Lock Installation, Automotive Locksmithing and working on a new Locksmith Kit […]

Best Lubricant for Locks | Mr. Prolock

Best Lubricant for Locks | Mr. Prolock: Graphite powder was the preferred lubricant for locks, however, Modern Lubricants are a superior, light viscosity lube that allows for deep penetration into hard to reach moving parts.  Mr. Prolock: (604) 259-2953 Lubricant Locks Mr. Prolock WD-40 WD40 or “Locksmith in a can” is a great product and […]