Keys Locked in Car or Keys locked in trunk, Call Mr. Prolock BC Licensed Locksmith

Locked out? Need Keys? Keys locked in your car? or worst, keys locked in the trunk?

When I passed my drivers license (one day after I turned 16yrs old) and I could now, after school and weekends, do emergency mobile locksmith service. My favorite locksmith job was “keys locked in car.” I could open any car with a homemade long piece of banding steel (later I bought a “Slim Jim”) and a coat hanger with a Sheperd’s hook bent on one end. I later updated my coat hanger to a chrome coat hanger (people got upset when I just used a plain coat hanger).

I could open any car in less than 60 seconds. Today with modern cars with anti-theft devices, air bags in the door, pick resistant locks I have a large car opening kit filled with air wedges, long reach tools that glow in the dark, bendable tools with hooks and lasso and a computer program to help me open the harder cars. Also, I have specialized lock picks to open pick resistant locks (BMW, Lexus, etc.).

Note: Tennis balls blowing air into the keyhole will not open any car (fun stunt on Youtube).

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About Terry Whin-Yates

BA Hons (Criminology)
3rd Generation Master Locksmith
25+ Years Experience
Security License : B4227