Locked Out? High Security Lock, Downtown Vancouver

A customer (Barb) was locked out of her condo Downtown Vancouver last night. It was an off shore manufactured Deadbolt and I picked it open very quick. Most of these inexpensive locks pick very easy and can be bumped open .  She was shocked how easy the lock picked (I am a good lock picker but the cheap locks make me look good). Most of the locks in her building are the same cheap lock.

I recommended a Primus High Security Deadbolt that is UL listed as pick resistant (no lock is truly pick proof but I can’t pick it in the shop or on the road so I know it is good) and many other features, drill resistant and as follows:

  • Bump Proof
  • Pick Resistant
  • Drill Resistant
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Listed High Security Cylinders passed the UL 437 tests that measure effectiveness against picking, drilling and physical resistance.
  • Solid brass collar spins under pressure to prevent wrench attacks.
  • Large thumbturn provides ease of use for physically challenged.
  • Steel shroud over bolt protects against “ice pick” type of attacks.
  • High security strike plate has 2″ screws that anchor the strike directly to the building structure behind the frame, preventing “kick-in” type attacks.
  • Hardened steel bolt and bolt throwing mechanism are surrounded by a heavy-gauge tubular steel housing for maximum resistance to crow bar attacks.
  • Solid brass design is secured with high-tensile steel mounting bolts for maximum resistance against hammer and prying attacks.
  • Available in brass or brushed aluminum finish.
  • Patented Key control (key duplication by signature card only).

I highly recommend my “Vancouver Special” that includes a High Security Pick resistant lock (Primus High Security Deadbolt) and to target harden the door (Mag Plate) and Strike plate (installed on the frame of the door) to make the door harder to kick in.

Vancouver has some of the highest property crime and Break and Enters in Canada and North America. Don’t be a victim, “Crime is Not Random” and you can protect yourself and your property,

Call me anytime to arrange a “Vancouver Special” for your door and I can also install the “Vancouver Special” in Burnaby or anywhere in the Lower Mainland.