Seventy Percent Electronic Safe Lockouts Can be Avoided

Did you know that the majority of Electronic Safe Lockouts and Electronic Safe Problems could be avoided by simply installing good quality batteries?

Open locked Sentry Electronic Data Safe

Terry Whin-Yates opening locked Sentry Electronic Data Safe

Mr. Prolock locksmiths own some of the newest, most advanced safe opening tools which allows us to open most  Electronic Lock Fire and Data Safes without or with minimal damage to the safe door and no damage to the safe content.  But, in many of the Electronic safe lockouts we attend, we only need to replace the batteries.

We find that most Electronic Safe lockouts and problems are a result of dead, failed or cheap batteries.

Sometimes the old batteries have corroded the contacts; when this is the case we use a special Electronic Jump Box as a power boost to safely open the electronic safe.  However, seventy percent (70%) of the lockouts we simply replace the batteries.

Save yourself from an electronic safe lockout!  Replace AA or 9 volt batteries with new Duracell Batteries. To get the newest and freshest batteries buy from a high volume shop like WalMart.  You can buy other batteries and take your chances but we use only Duracell batteries. 


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